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If you are an educator or student looking to bring some real-life, interactive, and educational science to your classroom or school, you might be interested in becoming part of Saving Nemo’s Clownfish Club. As a member of the Clownfish Club, you will learn first-hand about clownfish and their way of life, all the while helping to support ongoing research by Saving Nemo. We offer different levels of membership depending entirely on your goals as a classroom or school – how involved you wish to get is up to you! It can be as simple as fundraising for Saving Nemo all the way up to keeping and breeding your own clownfish to help supply the aquarium trade in Australia. Whatever membership you choose, you are helping to support our research that aims to conserve clownfish and other coral reef species in Australia and worldwide.




As a bronze Clownfish Club member, you will host your own fundraising event to help Saving Nemo. We will provide you with posters, stickers and a special treat for your classroom, as well as all the information you need to host a fundraising event. We thank teachers by providing a biology/coral reef activity appropriate for the year level/s involved to provide your class that will get them thinking about biology and what they can do to help conserve marine environments. 

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Silver Clownfish Club members are usually two or more classes, and up to a whole school of students that fundraise for us on an even larger scale. We provide posters, stickers, and information about hosting a successful fundraising event, and as our thank you, you receive an exclusive behind the scenes tour of our research facility at Flinders University via Skype, or by coming to campus if you are in Adelaide, including a Q&A session with our Saving Nemo clownfish and anemone researchers. We thank teachers by providing a biology/coral reef activity appropriate for the year level/s involved to provide students that will get them thinking about biology and what they can do to help conserve marine environments. Silver members also receive 10% discounts off all Saving Nemo merchandise. 

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Gold Members of the Clownfish Club truly become a part of Saving Nemo’s community by becoming members of our breeding team. Saving Nemo will help to guide you through the process of establishing your aquarium – all the way from purchasing the necessary equipment to the exciting moment your clownfish settle into their new home, and you will become certified as a Saving Nemo fish breeder. This means you can use our eco-branding and sell any clownfish you breed under our name. A small contribution will be made to Saving Nemo for each captive fish sold under our brand, with all funds raised used to help support the objectives for Saving Nemo. Namely, this involves breeding enough captive fish for the aquarium trade so that wild caught aquarium fish can be reduced and eventually, a thing of the past! 

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Got a question about our school program, or want to become a member of the clownfish club today?

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