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Donate to Saving Nemo

Saving Nemo is grateful for donors like you who enable us to run vital programs that protect marine aquarium species across the globe.


When you donate to Saving Nemo, you will be supporting us to continue our education and awareness raising projects, increase our fieldwork to monitor clownfish and their habitat in response to pressures from collection and global warming and upscale our marine aquarium breeding programs to eliminate wild-caught fish collection. 

Donations in kind

Saving Nemo also benefits from your generous contributions of equipment to improve our aquarium and breeding facilities and/or money, as follows (please send equipment and material donations to the following address GPO Box 2100 Adelaide 5001, South Australia:


  • Donations of equipment for our clownfish breeding facilities such as aquariums, pumps, filters, marine fish food, pumps, sand, terracotta pots enable us to increase our captive-breeding citizen science program into high schools.

  • Donations for our education programs such as printing, graphic design, catering, venue hire enable us to deliver our education outreach programs in Australia, Indo-pacific region and US.

  • Donations of airline flights, accomodation, microscopes, lab consumables, telecommunications equipment, dive gear, two-way radios and more for field work.

  • Larger sums of money, in-kind donations and gifts such as securities, charitable annuities and legacy gifts are also welcome. Please contact us for more information.



Please contact us for details on our current needs and arranging for delivery.



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