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Janet Klein
Honours Student

Janet’s background is in the sustainable agriculture industry with an emphasis on sustainable viticulture and landscape regeneration.  With a concern for anthropogenic impact on ecosystems, Janet is undertaking an Honours investigation in to the relationship of microplastic abundance along the South Australian coastline and varying levels of human activity, and whether the abundance of microplastic in the intertidal zone indicates the uptake of microplastics by two common temperate marine organisms within the human food chain, the black mussel, Mytilis edulis and the cockle, Donax deltoids. Each of these aims are novel in the South Australian context. With microplastics proving ubiquitous in the global marine environment, it is essential we understand the presence and impact of this increasing pollution on species and ecosystem health.

Janet is a Founding CoDirector of Ngeringa Vineyards, 3 times winner of BrandSA Sustainable Award 2014, 2015, 2016, is a Goolwa to Wellington LAP Board Member, is a South Australian Museum Foundation Board Member, and is a member of the BioR Committee.





Mallinson et al., 1998, Ecology and conservation status of Muehlenbeckia Tuggeranong (Polygonacae) near Canberra. Cunninghamia. 5(3): 773-778.

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